Senior KG / UKG / Kindergarten 2

U KG - Program Overview

School hours per day – 3½ hours (Age 5-6 years)
UKG is a critical year for young learners. Experienced Kinder Planet Preschool teachers will tap into your child’s natural curiosity to help boost school readiness. Our engaging lessons make the most of current technology while offering plenty of hands-on play and exploration.
  • What does your child learn in U KG?
  • Language
    • Speaking complete sequences
    • Participating in discussions
    • Recognizing the association between written and spoken word
    • Distinguishing the sound of letters in spoken words
    • Composing oral stories
  • Cognitive skills and math
    • Creating order among objects
    • Matching by relationship
    • Identifying currency and assigning value
    • Solving problems by estimating and checking with manipulatives
  • Creative art
    • Integrating creative art in extracurricular areas
    • Using art processes to convey ideas
    • Developing unique uses of art material
  • Movement
    • Move in time to the beat or rhythm of music.
    • Singing theme related songs
    • Identifying instruments by their sounds
  • Motor skills
    • Developing hand-eye coordination
    • Develop better balance and confidence
    • Developing multi-tasking skills
  • Social science
    • Recognizing human similarity and differences
    • Appreciating cultural diversity
    • Making appropriate choices
    • Developing positive self-image