Playgroup - Program Overview

School hours per day – 2½ hours (Age 2-3 years)
Playgroups are great fun! Your young child will get to sing, dance, try new art and craft activities, share experiences, and mix with other young children. While your child is busy scrabbling in the sandpit or painting a masterpiece, your child will also be picking up valuable new skills and experiences. Our curriculum is designed to support their early experience of learning and being independent in a nurturing and child-friendly environment.
  • What does your child learn in Playgroup?
  • Language
    • Listening to stories
    • Pre-writing readiness activities
    • Reading alphabets A to Z
    • Phonics
    • Speech and drama
  • Cognitive skills and math
    • Reading numbers 1 to 10
    • Understanding order and sequence
    • Pretend play
    • Numbers and quantities
  • Creative art
    • Introduction to colours
    • Using art for self-expression
    • Play with dough and clay
  • Music and movement
    • Basic rhyme
    • Using art for self-expression
    • Movement and action song
    • Play musical games
  • Motor skills
    • Mastering basic gross and fine motor skills
    • Develop better balance and confidence
    • Usage of body
  • Social science
    • Self help skills activities
    • Science and discovery
    • Develope skills to follow instructions
    • Interaction in group